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Centron Fuel Saver gives businesses the guidance needed for bottom-line success. To ensure your ongoing customer satisfaction, we track and report fuel and maintenance cost savings on a monthly basis using our customer Performance Tracking & Reporting (CPTR) System.

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We are helping fleets reduce their fuel and maintenance costs. Centron Fuel Saver can help you, too.

Centron Fuel Saver case studies

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Centron Energy for introducing a cost-effective and no-nonsense fuel additive to the South African market. I have been using the product now for the past 5 weeks and can only sing its praises in the following applications.

I participate in Historic Motor Racing and have used this product for the past two races. Although I cannot vouch for an improvement in performance due to improvements made to the vehicle just prior to the start of the season, I can however state that the operating temperature which was previously as high as 105 ºC (221ºF) throughout a race season on 2010 has since the first race dropped remarkably down to around 85ºC (185ºF) .

Secondly I have run two full race meetings on a tank of fuel, whereas before I’d require a top-up between race meetings. I can also vouch for the fact that my racing car now smokes at least 70% less under deceleration (decompression) than she did prior to using the product. My second application is in my 1995 Landrover Disco 1 which averaged around 20-21 L / 100km (11.2-11.7 mpg) since I bought the vehicle. Since using the Centron Energy product, I now consistently average 19.2-19.5L/100km (12-12.5 mpg). I have however only done 1400km (870 miles) since using the product and suspect that they may still be further improvement as the product cleans up the whole system.

I have no qualms about recommending this product based on the above two experiences. I must add at this point that I am a total skeptic about aftermarket fuel additives and have read and heard more negative reports than positive. Centron, however, has shown me no reason to be skeptical about this product as I have only experienced positive benefits thus far.

Michael Braun
General Manager
Top Gear Driving Academy


I have been using Centron Fuel Saver for the past 5 months on a variety of vehicles and equipment and have noted the following improvements in performance:

Mercedes Truck: Less visual sighting of exhaust fumes especially when driving uphill with full load on the truck. Less buildup of carbon in the exhaust pipe which means less carbon in the engine and oil.

Toyota Fortuner: Replaced the injectors at 80,000km (50,000 miles) plus started filtering the diesel to 1 micron. Recorded an immediate improvement in fuel consumption of ± 15%. The improvement continued over the next 10,000km (6,200 miles) when serviced again. The additional improvement in fuel consumption due to Centron was approx.
10%. Also noticed that I can now hear the turbo when decelerating the engine. It was not immediately apparent after the injector replacements.

Old generation tractor: Noticeable improvement in power. Engines are operating smoother. More responsive when more power is needed. Less visual exhaust smoke when power is applied.

New generation John Deere tractors (2006–2011): Engines are all running more efficiently. Improved cold startups on all the engines. The running sounds are not as rough as before.

Yamaha motorcycle (petrol): Startups are vastly improved. Prior to Centron, had to use the choke even when warmed up. This only happened once since using Centron when starting up for the first time.

All vehicles: When servicing the vehicles, after the second to third service after using Centron, the drained oil was noticeably cleaner.

Carl Jordaan
Cape Town